Contact Lenses

Beginning with your full eye examination, our Optometrists will perform a full eye health analysis, professional consultation and fitting of the best contact lenses for each individual patient. A trained Optician or Optometric Assistant will then provide you with the full training for insertion, removal and maintenance of your lenses, to ensure the best comfort, lasting eye health, and best visual results from your contacts.


Contact lens options vary in different modalities, ranging from daily disposable contact lenses, to lenses that are replaced yearly. Your Optometrist will make specific recommendations to determine the best options for you and your lifestyle.

Daily Disposable – Daily Disposable contact lenses are highly convenience-oriented. Sold in packs of either 30 or 90, these contact lenses are single use and disposable, requiring no maintenance or cleaning with Contact Lens Solutions. The newest Contact lens from Alcon, Dailies Total 1, uses a unique Silicone Hydrogel material to combine better moisture, and breathability than other premium contacts. The result is a lens that provides amazing comfort, without sacrificing vision or health of the eye.

Dailies Total 1 Video

Monthly Disposable – Monthly contact lenses are generally available in packs of six. This modality is available in a wide variety of curvatures, prescriptions, and brands. Prescriptions that require correction for astigmatism(toric lenses) and Presbyopia(multifocal or bifocal contacts) are available. Monthly lenses will require daily maintenance and cleaning with a doctor-recommended cleaning solution.

Bi Weekly Disposable – Bi Weekly contact lenses are designed to be worn for two weeks and then discarded. This modality is also available in a variety of curvatures and prescriptions, and will require daily maintenance and cleaning with a doctor-recommended cleaning solution.

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) – RGP’s are used predominantly for prescriptions where monthly and daily soft lenses are not suitable. These lenses can last for a full year with proper maintenance and cleaning.

Coloured Contact Lenses – Coloured contact lenses are available in a variety of shades to either change or enhance your eye colour. Though some people like to wear these for predominantly aesthetic reasons, it is still considered a medical device, and as such, should be fitted by a trained Optometrist or Optician.

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