Eye Examinations

Our comprehensive eye examinations include full dilation, eye health evaluation, refraction and OCT retinal imaging. Eye exams can be booked online.

Advanced Technology

Insight Eye Care is committed to embracing advanced medical technology to provide our patients with the latest in diagnostic instruments and the best options available in visual correction.

Optical Coherence Tomography

OCT or Optical Coherence Tomography is a diagnostic procedure used to produce an invaluable cross sectional image of the retina with extremely high resolution. This non-invasive imaging technology, when used as part of your regular eye examination, assists our optometrists, in the early detection and subsequent treatment of Macular Degeneration, Macular holes, Glaucoma, and various other retinal diseases.

Visual Field Testing

Insight Eye Care provides in-office visual field assessment. This test is conducted to evaluate a patient’s overall peripheral vision capabilities and can be used to help detect many visual impairments.

Binocular Vision Therapy

Binocular vision refers to the ability to use both of your eyes together to achieve comfortable single vision. People with normal binocular vision have a few advantages including a wider field of view, precise stereopsis (binocular depth perception) and binocular summation. Someone with binocular vision dysfunction may experience double vision, eye strain, headaches, blurred vision and ocular fatigue. Our optometrists are able to diagnose binocular vision problems and prescribe personalized treatment plans using tools like the HTS iNetComputerized Binocular Home Vision Therapy Program, Brock strings, prismatic correction and stereogram cards.


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