Laser vision correction, or Lasik, is a permanent alternative to glasses or contact lenses and corrects most common visual problems. It is a quick, effective outpatient procedure.

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Insight Eye Care is pleased to offer patient’s access to Essilor’s customized Eyecode lenses.

With our Visioffice Technology from Essilor, our trained Lens Specialists are able to take precise customized measurements of each individual’s Pupillary distance, Optical Centre Heights and 3D Eye Rotation Centre, in addition to unique wear measurements, which are distinctive to each frame choice and how they fit each individual patient. The Eyecode series of measurements will be sent directly to Essilor’s labs, and then your lenses will be surfaced based on your individual parameters, giving you the best possible visual result from your new eyewear.


SV F360

Single Vision F360 lenses are available in many higher index, or thinner and lighter materials. These lenses are customized using the Visioffice’s Eyecode measurements, in addition to your individual wear parameters. The results is customized lenses with better visual acuity and increased contrast sensitivity.

Varilux S Series Progressive Lenses

Varilux S Series lenses are a revolution in progressive lens design. Through the development of new patented surfacing technology, Essilor has broken the progressive lens up into a microgrid of individual optical elements that can be refined to provide patients with 50% wider fields of vision and a 90% reduction in swim effect compared to other premium progressive lens options.

Video: The Varilux S Series Experience

Lens Coatings

Crizal Forte UV – Crizal Forte UV is an anti-reflective and extremely strong scratch coating available on most lens options. This coating allows 99% light transmission, includes layers of anti-static, anti-dust, hydrophobic and oleo phobic properties, with full UV protective coating on both the front and back surface of the lens. There are many types of anti-reflective coatings available in the market, so make sure you ask your vision care provider for Crizal Forte UV by name. All Crizal products come with a 2 year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Crizal Opti Fog UV – Crizal Opti Fog UV is an anti-reflective coating with an extremely strong scratch coat available on most lens options. The key point of difference with Opti-Fog, is its patented anti-fogging layer that eliminates fogging of lenses when experiencing rapid change in temperature or working in high moisture environments. Crizal with Opti-Fog allows 99% of light transmission and full front and backside UV protection. All Crizal products come with a 2 year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Basic Anti-Reflective coatings – Basic anti-reflective coatings (when clean) will provide comparable light transmission rates to a Crizal product. Basic AR coatings include a standard scratch coating; however, they do not include UV surface protection, anti-static, anti-dust, or hydro and oleo phobic properties. Basic AR coatings include a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect.

Scratch Resistant Coatings – Scratch resistant coatings on lenses provide very basic protection for scratching of the lens through regular use. A scratch-coated lens provides an average light transmission rate of 85%. Basic scratch resistant coatings have a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect.


Transitions VI – provide balance between a dark tinted lens outdoors and good clarity of the lens indoors.

Transitions Xtra Active – provide superior darkness outdoors, activates moderately behind windshield, with comfortable slight residual tint indoors.

Transitions Vantage – provide variable polarization for darkness and reduced glare outdoors, while providing a comfortable slight tint indoors.

Polarized Sunglass Lenses – Insight Eye Care provides several Polarized sunglass options for reduced glare and more comfortable vision outdoors. Available in several colours for different light transmission rates and contrast.

Drivewear Photochromic Sunglass lenses – Sunglass lenses that will darken and lighten based on different light conditions.

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