Staff Spotlight: Chalk Mama

Not only is Nicole a walking, talking, breathing collaboration of various tattoo artists, she is also an artist herself. She wears her art on her sleeve – literally. Saturday November 7th Nicole will be participating in the Frederick Art Walk, a multi-home walking tour in Kitchener’s Central Frederick Neighbourhood. She will be showcasing a collection of original pieces and selected prints.

Nicole Wagler Fredrick Art Walk

When Nicole started creating fun eyewear advertisements on our chalkboard easel, we knew she was special. After her first chalk ad, we started calling her Chalk Mama and hailing her as the resident artist. Nicole also provides all of our staff caricatures for our website, successfully capturing our personalities in cartoon.

Nicole Wagler Fredrick Art Walk

Nicole is inspired by classic literature, television and film iconography and adds her own creative strokes to some very memorable personalities. She also enjoys producing dark, yet colourful pop-art, sometimes steampunk portraits of the people/animals in her life. If you find yourself craving some artistic influence, feel free to stop by and see Nicole, her awesome art and a variety of other talented artists and craftspeople in the neighbourhood.

Nicole Wagler Fredrick Art Walk

Location: 103 Simeon St. Kitchener

Date: Saturday November 7th

Time: 10am – 5pm

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