Some of my favourite collections are handmade by as little as one pair of hands, such as Rapp Eyewear. As the brand gains more recognition globally, a few more hands are thrown into the mix to meet the demand for their frames. There comes a point in every successful designer’s career where they have to make the decision to stay exclusive, independent and connected to their frames or branch out into mass-production.

This is how I picture mass-production:

Oompa Loompa
(Photo Credit: Warner Brothers)


The truly passionate designers do not attempt to saturate the market by pumping out frame after frame. They take the time to channel their creative energy and release new models once or twice a year. These frames are unique, well-made and totally worth the wait. I saw new Rapp Eyewear prototypes in New York last year, placed an order and each pair was custom made in Toronto for our boutique. Our order arrived today and it feels like Christmas – even though no snow is falling and it’s +10 degrees outside!

Instead of mass-produced Oompa Loompa chocolate, why not try something different this year: Craft Bean to Bar chocolate from Ambrosia Pastry Co.

(Photo Credit: The Record)


But back to eyewear… As I am writing this, the staff our attempting to peek into the Rapp order, but Nicole is slapping their hands away, keeping everything secret until they are ready to be introduced to our clients. I lured Nicole away from the Rapp package with a trail of truffles and snatched a frame so that I could share it with you in advance.

Truffles and Rapp Eyewear
Truffles and Rapp Eyewear


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