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In my distant past, I worked for a corporate enterprise. This corporate enterprise liked to make us do silly things that they thought would make us all
ra, ra for the culture that they were pressing upon us. The funniest thing they made us do was write a short story about our perfect day at work. This “assignment” was classified as homework and I wondered if I should be breaking out my crayons to clearly illustrate my perfect day.


My Perfect Day
Artwork by @chalkmama


My perfect day at work progressed from meeting sales goals and medical conversion rates to welcoming Santigold into my store. I helped Santigold choose a new pair of sunglasses and we really hit it off. She invited me to come and join her on set for her next music video and we became best friends. I joined her on tour and then never came back. The end.

Santigold has released her third album 99¢ and is wearing the Bradfield by Mykita Damir Doma… The same frame that I wear! It’s like I chose it for her! Now she just needs to come and visit me here at Insight so we can become best friends.

Santigold Neil Moser Mykita Sunglasses

A large part of our population looks to celebrities to direct their fashion decisions. Here’s the thing. Celebrities are people, just like us. Shocka! Sometimes they make good decisions. Sometimes they don’t. This April, we will be going to Vision Expo East in New York to keep ourselves educated on what is current and fresh in the eyewear industry so that we can make the right decisions on what brands to represent.

Mykita Shop NYC

Frequently, I see many models or celebrities wearing fashionable clothes, yet accessorizing with mass-produced eyewear that everyone else is wearing. It is refreshing to come across a celebrity who appreciates independent eyewear. If you want to listen to music that doesn’t sound like everything else, check out Santigold. If you want to wear glasses and not look like everyone else, check out Insight!

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