Donatello: [Skateboards in the sewers, and then stops to sit down next to Michelangelo] How are you doing?

Michelangelo: Fine.

Donatello: Nice night.

Michelangelo: Pizza dude’s got 30 seconds.

Donatello: Hey, Mikey. Do you ever think about what Splinter said about us, you know, not having him?

Michelangelo: Hmm. Time’s up. Three bucks off.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990 film)





Lead Stylists
Neil Moser
Nicole Wagler

Troy Dettwiler

Associated Businesses

Carry-On Comics

‘Catwoman whip’
Seams Like Magic

‘Poison Ivy lipstick’
The Truth Beauty Company

‘Hellboy cigar’
The Walper Tabacco Shop

‘Captain America shield’
Carry-On Comics

Special Thanks

Joyce VanRooyen

Cody Wagler

Featured Brands

Blake Kuwahara

Hapter Eyewear

Matsuda Eyewear

Mykita Eyewear

Rapp Eyewear

ROLF Eyewear

SALT. Optics

Theo Eyewear

Vinylize Eyewear

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