Spider-Man: Hold it, Doc! How about pickin’ on someone who can fight you back?

Dr. Octopus: Spider-man!

Spider-Man: Well, I sure ain’t Albert Schweitzer!

Dr. Octopus: You dare speak flippantly to me! You fool! When I’m finished with you, You’ll sing a different tune!

The Amazing Spider-Man, Issue 3.




Lead Stylists
Neil Moser
Nicole Wagler

Troy Dettwiler

Associated Business

Carry-On Comics

‘Catwoman whip’
Seams Like Magic

‘Poison Ivy lipstick’
The Truth Beauty Company

‘Hellboy cigar’
The Walper Tabacco Shop

‘Captain America shield’
Carry-On Comics

Special Thanks

Joyce VanRooyen

Cody Wagler

Featured Brands

Blake Kuwahara

Hapter Eyewear

Matsuda Eyewear

Mykita Eyewear

Rapp Eyewear

ROLF Eyewear

SALT. Optics

Theo Eyewear

Vinylize Eyewear

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