Insight Eye Care is proud to sponsor the Grand Porch Party for the fifth year running (2016)! We started our sponsorship way back in 2012 for this grassroots community music festival.


We love this festival because it is 100% run by community volunteers and all our sponsorship money goes to the musician’s honorariums. In fact, Neil Moser and Troy Dettwiler both volunteered with the festival from 2011 until 2014. However, even this year our staff continue to be involved.

Neil Moser Grand Porch Party Waterloo

We are looking forward to this year’s Grand Porch Party on Sunday June 12th from 2pm to 5pm in the UpTown West neighbourhood of Waterloo. Come see our very own Nicole Wagler, Julia Clements and Graham Berg perform at 65 Euclid from 4PM – 5PM! If you need more details about the festival, please visit the Grand Porch Party’s website.

Keep an eye out for Insight Eye Care Avenue… now we’re having streets named after us! 🙂

Insight Eye Care Avenue Grand Porch Party 2016

Almost forgot to mention… we will be giving out homemade freezies! Mmm…


Hope you have an awesome GPP2016!


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