Update! You can find Eleni’s post about the photo shoot on her blog.

On June 5th it rained so we pressed our faces against our window panes and pretended the rivulets were tears rolling down our cheeks. On June 26th the sun was shining so we gathered some friends and drove out to the Kissing Bridge in West Montrose and pretended to be old timey with our eyewear.

Meow Boutique provided some gorgeous vintage outfits for models Eleni and Maressa. Neil met Eleni back in their university days and now she is an established fashion blogger in Toronto. Take a moment and check out her blog, Bijuleni! Maressa recently joined the Insight Sales Team and graciously let us throw her into one of our creative projects. Loop Clothing provided our model Sam with some old-school-dapper ensembles.

Amy @1absolutebeauty styled our models hair and Sarah @gildedmakup provided the makeup. Neil and Nicole saw things in their minds and Troy captured everything so that we could share with you some of our favourite new eyewear pieces from around the world. There wasn’t any kissing – sorry to disappoint! We did, however, draw curious glances from the local Mennonite families as they travelled home from church.

We would like to thank Berlin Bicycle Cafe for bringing out two of their bicycles to the kissing bridge:

  1. Achielle Craighton Opa Steel Grey: hand built in Pittem, Belgium, the Craighton is Achielle’s masterpiece. Hand-drawn tubes, hand-brazed, galvanized, hand-painted and hand-assembled. A beautiful dutch bike!
  2. Simcoe Classic 3 speed Roadster Black: designed in Toronto for the rust belt, a tough yet stylish commuter. The seat on the Simcoe is not stock but a Brooks Cambium 19 (all natural rubber).

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  1. Great photos as usual! What a talented team! The models are amazing and some verrry tempting eyewear shown. Great job everyone involved.

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