Independently designed eyewear and hand crafted beer have more than you would think in common. Both are created in small batches. Both are sold with limited distribution. Both are owned by smaller companies where the brew master or designer is intimately connected to the final product.

Insight Eye Care Sponsors Craftoberfest

In traditional small business flare, we heard about Craftoberfest through a friend, through a friend, totally last minute. We immediately fell in love this the concept and got on board with Together We’re Bitter. Craftoberfest is happening over the Thanksgiving weekend, the same time as Kitchener Waterloo Octoberfest.


Since Craftoberfest already had some sponsors on board, we offered to help get the word out about this great event. You can learn more about Craftoberfest here.

Craftoberfest Ticket Giveaway Details

We are excited to be giving away tickets to Craftoberfest! To qualify, tell us why you love craft beer and independently designed eyewear on social media or by leaving a comment on this blog post.  Contest is now closed.The event is October 7th and 8th in Downtown Kitchener in the Craftoberfest tent on 55 King St., Kitchener. Let us know if you want to go both nights or just one of the nights. Share this post with your friends!

Friday vs. Saturday Night

Friday night is for the critics. If you want to try a plethora of craft beers, you will want to visit and taste with your complimentary 8oz sample glass. Saturday night things really get moving! Music and local vendors will keep the good times rolling as breweries will be switching the taps all night. You can buy your tickets for one night or both through EventBrite on the Craftoberfest official website.


German Designed Eyewear


Octoberfest celebrations come from the heart of Germany and so do one of our favourite eyewear lines, MYKITA. It is no wonder this brand is one of our top sellers, with the incredible attention to detail, quality and minimal design. Just like your favourite breweries, Mykita produces all sorts of fashionable flavours in sunglasses and optical.


Craftoberfest KW will be an awesome party. You should come with all your friends!

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  1. Beer goggles! I love craft beer as it directly reflects the passions of an artist: from the high quality local ingredients, to the beautiful artwork on the packaging. The goal is to create something distinguished – stand out from the crowd of mass produced products. Taking this same approach to eyecare, and in our own backyard in KW, is a wonderful thing. This is a happy marriage of both.

  2. I would love to attend the Friday night session! I love trying new craft beers, especially at events like this when breweries send one-offs or new beers that I can’t try anywhere else…like independent local stores where you can’t find their products anywhere else!

  3. I support small, local businesses in general because they are a massively important aspect of what makes a community a great place to live and sets us apart from other communities. As well, I know I can count on them to produce innovative, one-of-a-kind products, while maintaining quality and unrivaled customer service – elements large corporations can’t succeed in recreating when quantity takes precedence. Great things do come in small batches! Amazing things are coming out of the craft beer (dare I say it…) revolution! I can’t wait to go to KW Craftoberfest and sample what our community has to offer.

    1. Sorry! If we had more tickets we would send them your way. Last we heard, Friday is sold out but Saturday tickets might still exist.

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