Smile… Tiger.

The other Sunday we brought a bunch of tigers together and asked them to smile. Well, actually, in a reality not quite as foolhardy, we asked some of our friends to participate in our latest fashion shoot at Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters. Smile Tiger, the lighter, brighter sister to the darker Death Valley’s Little Brother, is a “small but fierce shop that roasts seasonal coffees people love.” Their beautiful environment was the perfect backdrop for another of our vintage-inspired photoshoots.


This time around, we partnered with Rachel from Auburn Vintage Clothiers in Conestogo. She dressed our models in some incredibly elegant pieces from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. Carmine from Oiseau Hair Salon and Sarah Reeves respectively worked their magic with hair and makeup.

Featured Brands

We hope you enjoy these images, featuring some of our favourite eyewear designers!

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