For all of you board game lovers out there, we decided to pay Games on Tap a visit and create some fun images, pairing games and frames. Jeannette and Sean, the owners of Games on Tap, are incredibly hospitable and the depth of their game knowledge is quite impressive. All I had to say was “music” or “cars” and they new exactly what game to grab that would pair well with some of our unique eyewear.



While you’re getting your game on, Games on Tap also has a very nice selection of drinks, snacks and homemade meals for you to enjoy. One night, instead of a pub crawl or the dancehall, why not spend an evening learning a new game and just how competitive your friends can be? And if you’re having trouble reading the fineprint in the instruction booklets, you know where to go for some prescription glasses…


Bruno Chaussignand + Carcassonne

Handcrafted frames from Southern France and a game designed around a medieval fortified town in Southern France



Matsuda + Tokaido

Japanese frames with beautiful scrollwork and a game designed around the most magnificent road in Japan


Theo Eyewear + Guess Who?

A classic mystery face game that pairs well with Theo’s interactive “pop and awe” staff profile page



Etnia Barcelona Kids + Barrel of Monkeys

A colourful Spanish children’s collection and a vibrant children’s game that brings back memories of linking arms on class trips



Hapter + Battle Sheep

A stainless steel frame finished with wool and inspired by WWII military goggles and a game with fighting sheep



lool + Jenga

Frames with an interesting use of architecture and negative space and game with precarious negative spaces


Caroline Abram + Sex and the City Trivia Game

Glamorous frames that are quirky, sexy, intellectual and refined – just like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte



Etnia Barcelona + Candy Land

Spanish frames with sweet colour combinations, like this cotton candy model, and a game that leads you through various geographic candy regions



l.a. Eyeworks + Gender Bender

Frame designers who tear down gender barriers with art and beauty and a game about gender assumption



Blake Kuwahara + Monopoly

A Japanese collection that is taking the eyewear market by storm and a game about buying and developing properties



Hapter + Thunder Road

A collection made with stainless steel and finished with rubber and a game with a post-apocalyptic highway



Mykita + Scrabble

What, I gotta spell it out? There aren’t enough words to describe how awesome and innovative Mykita truly is



ROLF Spectacles + Settlers of Catan

Sheep for a wood? Handcrafted wooden frames from Austria and a game where everyone’s trying to get some wood



Vinylize + Timeline Music and Cinema

Frames made in Hungary with vinyl records and a game where cinematic musical scores are placed in chronological order




SALT Optics + Cyclades

SALT’s Sea, Air, Land and Timeless qualities paired with a game about building cities in the Ancient Greek group of islands



VANNI + Blink!

Italian frames with beautiful colours and patterns and a super fast game where you match colours, shapes and symbols



Anne et Valentin + Love Letter

A lovely French collection and a game where you try to get your love letters to the princess and deflect love letters from your competing suitors



Jean Philippe Joly + Pirates vs Dinosaurs

Bold and dangerously striking French sunglasses and a game where pirates are trying to find buried treasure on a forgotten island full of dinosaurs


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