A couple months ago Matt from Astrodog Media reached out and asked if I could fit an actor with glasses. It was for a promotional video they were filming for Smile.io. Since everyone has a different face shape, aesthetic and personality, I brought a large selection of frames on set. Vero Diaz, artist and founder of Phoenix Rising Studio, was playing the role of… wait for it… the artist in Smile.io’s new video. It didn’t take long to discover that the Mili from Vinylize was the perfect selection for Vero. Not surprisingly, she wore the frame like it was made for her.


About the Companies Involved

Smile.io facilitates reward programs for 15,000 online business around the world.

Astrodog Media is a local and independently recognized video production company.

Phoenix Rising Studio helps women find their inner creative voice through photography, ritual and performance art and have extended their reach from Canada to Costa Rica and Mexico.

Who better to join this entourage of happiness, creativity and artistic expression than Vinylize, an independent eyewear brand that creates frames from reclaimed vinyl records and collaborates with international musicians.


Thank You

Thank you to Astrodog for thinking of us when they needed some cool glasses, to Smile.io for wanting to show us how they promote happy customers, Vero for wearing the eyewear like a boss and Vinylize for making beautiful pieces of art. All of these things make me smile!

The Video

Check out the promotional video here:


[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/ALMiNmRedYM”]

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