Our friends Carmine (from Oiseau Hair Salon), Jennifer and their twin girls Poet and Elowyn joined us for an afternoon of family fun, complete with modelling eyewear (kids’ glasses from Insight), looking adorable and eating plums. Apparently, Poet and Elowyn aren’t angels nearly as much as they are tiny saucy rapscallions, but they prefer to save their mischief for when they’re at home with mom and dad so we only experienced their brighter side!

We offer a few exciting lines for children, including these three that we featured: Caroline Abram, Anne et Valentin and Etnia Barcelona. It is always exciting to see young children gravitating toward non-traditional artistic frames. We love encouraging people of all ages to find frames that speak to them instead of trying to copy what the rest of the world is doing. 

Carmine has been behind the scenes with us for years, styling hair for many of our models (including Jennifer), but this time we dragged him kicking and screaming into the front of the camera. It only took 6 years Carmine, but we wore you down – thanks for sharing your beard and your beautiful family with the world! Check out Insight Eye Care for some of the coolest kids’ glasses.


Photographer: Troy Dettwiler

Stylists: Neil Moser and Maressa Dixon

Hair: Carmine Romano (Oiseau Hair Salon)

Makeup: Sarah Bolstridge (Gilded Makeup)

Models: Jennifer Jacobs, Carmine Romano, Poet Romano, Elowyn Romano

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