By: Monica Lee, Eyewear Consultant

Hate Glasses?

I did not enjoy wearing glasses. Growing up and even going through university, I only wore my glasses when I was completing an assignment or needed to look at the lecture slides. Rarely, despite my high prescription, did I willingly put on my Pacific Mall glasses and walk out the door as a daily necessity… until I began working at Insight.

How I saw the world:

Pacific Mall…

Truth be told, I did not like wearing glasses because they made me feel flawed and this insecurity overpowered a logical need to see clearly. I grew up thinking that glasses only came from Pacific Mall, the largest Asian mall in North America, where my mother would take me every two years to buy me a pair of glasses that always fell down my nose. I dreaded those long trips and felt it unnecessary to upgrade a pair of too-small plastic frames to another pair of plastic frames that looked pretty similar.

Photo by Monica: Old Monica in Pacific Mall glasses
Photo by Monica: Old Monica in Pacific Mall glasses

Hello, Eyewear.

When I began working at Insight, it was like getting a crash course on handcrafted and stylish eyewear fashion from years of looking at mass produced ill-fitting frames. I put on my first Mykita and I was hooked. About a month ago, I slowly started wearing my glasses out in public more and even wore them hiking in Point Pelee. When my partner and I finally reached the water at the end of the trail, I almost teared up at the sight of the sparkling clear water and how crisp everything looked. Now I am finally embracing my four eyes and enjoying a world of well fitted and fashionable eyewear.


Photo by Monica: New Monica in Mykita
Photo by Monica: New Monica in Mykita


Insight Eye Care offers a wide selection of quality glasses that saves the headaches of cheap frames from places like Pacific Mall. Drop by to have one of our amazing Eyewear Consultants and Opticians help you find your next frame. We specialize in getting the perfect fitting frame for your face. Out physical location saves you time over ordering an ill-fitting product online.

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