By Paige Silver, Eyewear Consultant

Frame Overload

Last year I decided that I wanted to be able to look at a computer screen for longer than an hour without a raging headache. I knew that I needed glasses since I wore them in high school for this exact reason, but they had been run over by a car. I did not want to go around as a twenty-something with crooked glasses (pro tip: do not put your glasses in a car door cup holder). It was time for a trip to the optometrist and proper fitting glasses.

Not being from the area, I found myself an optometrist in the bottom of the building I was living in. Once it came time to look at frames, I was immediately intimidated. The person working at the shop told me to have a look around and I was left to my own devices. I felt directionless.

I stumbled upon an area with some brand names I recognized so I selected a few frames that all looked the same (thick, big and black) and sent my girlfriends snapchats saying “this or that.” No staff came to advise me about properly fitting glasses, which I now know is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the frame select. I would up with a frame that was too big for me on my bridge so it was constantly falling down. When I picked up my frame the staff pretty much said “here you go!” and sent me on my merry way.

I wasn’t merry.

Paige Old Glasses
My Old Glasses

Fitting Glasses is Key

I wore these frames for the better part of a year before I started working at Insight. When I joined the sales team, I was mind-boggled that frames can be adjusted so they fit better. I immediately started practising on myself and got my own glasses to stay up better than ever before. I was so used to pushing my frames up between my eyes that even when I wasn’t wearing my glasses I would tap the bridge of my nose to push up my glasses out of habit. Once the temples were adjusted, my life changed and I couldn’t believe the difference.

Soon after starting with Insight, I was walking around the showroom and trying on frames. I put on a SALT Optics frame and I couldn’t believe how they felt. The fit was absolutely perfect on the bridge and even with the temples straight back and unadjusted they were staying in place. I purchased the frames immediately. I had no intention of purchasing a new pair of glasses that day, but once I felt how glasses should feel, I knew they were the one; it’s the same kind of feeling that women get on Say Yes to The Dress when they find “the one.”

Paige New Glasses Salt Optics
My new SALT Optics glasses!

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