Why Munich?

We travel around the world to discover new up-and-coming innovative designers and to meet with existing designers we represent at Insight Eye Care. In the past six years, we have been to Vision Expo East (New York City), Vision Expo West (Las Vegas), Silmo (Paris), Mido (Milano) and, most recently, Opti (Munich). Aside from giving us the opportunity to visit Vinylize in Budapest and Mykita in Berlin, attending Opti in Munich gave us a more intimate environment in which to explore the world of independent eyewear. Yulia, from Vinylize, told us that only serious buyers attend Opti; the focus is less about the spectacle, if you will, and more about the spectacles being created.

In Troy’s words:

We think it’s critical to stay connected with the people behind the brands. Eyewear that is made independently and creatively is not easy to come by.


[kad_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/oSiziFgLUZ4″]

Despite one of the main metro lines being under construction, we managed to navigate our way outside the city centre to the Opti show. We started out with a very wholesome breakfast at Das Maria, confessing in advance for the trouble we were about to get into with Bruno, Marina and Hélène from Bruno Chaussignand.

We spent some quality time with some of our well-loved Designers…

… and we discovered some awesome new designers!


Tavat eyewear waterloo kitchener canada

Credit: Tavat Eyewear


thinwood eyewear rufus waterloo kitchener canada

Credit: Thinwood

Trending in Munich

Aside from the eyewear show itself, where almost anything goes, we noticed a lot of refined metal frames once again. The metal frames in Munich did seem a little bit more sophisticated and/or artistic and a bit less hipster – by hipster I mean large double-bridged aviators. One of the collections we carry, Caroline Abram, has evolved to include some beautiful minimal metals that still retain their colourful and fluid style for which they are known.

Caroline Abram Insight Eye Care

Credit: Caroline Abram


Matsuda, who is known for their vintage-inspired titanium frames, continues to produce luxurious metals with intricate scrollwork.

Credit: Matsuda


More and more designers will be embracing metal, but, don’t worry, if metal isn’t your thing there are still some brand spanking new plastic frames that are stunning.

Jean Philippe Joly Auburn Vintage Clothiers

Jean Philipe Joly Sunglasses

Culture of Munich

What we saw of Munich was very pristine and organized. A few things stood out to us:

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