A couple months ago, I was sitting in a salon chair getting my hair chopped by Carmine Romano. We were discussing our next visual project and he mentioned that he would love to do something a little edgier, a little more steampunk. I said, “Hey, I know of the perfect punk” and so I called up Julia Clements. I also asked Carmine’s wife Jen Jacobs, who has modelled for numerous Insight photo shoots, to jump on board because she always nails it. We had a last minute cancellation from our male model and so our illustrious photographer, Troy Dettwiler, stepped in to save the day.


Another staple in our creative dossier is Sarah Bolstridge from Gilded Makeup. Many times already, Sarah has provided our models with gorgeous minimal makeup to make the eyewear pop. She outdid herself this time with some darker metallic shades creating a refined yet slightly grittier look to compliment Carmine’s braids, twists and curls.


Rachel from Auburn Vintage Clothiers and Karen from Eastwood Collegiate Institute provided some fantastic steampunk-inspired pieces. Jen and Julia even brought some clothing from their own wardrobes to complement specific scenes. Nicole and I sifted through the plethora of clothing and chose our favourite looks, pairing them with our favourite glasses.


What better venue to capture steampunk-inspired images than a brewery? Our friends at Together We’re Bitter (TWB) welcomed us into their backroom and backyard and we found a lot of nooks and crannies to place Julia, Jen and Troy. Carmine wanted to place himself at the bar and I don’t blame him, TWB has some pretty stellar craft brews.

Well, until next time, like Robyn says, “see you next Tuesday, you is a punk.”


Photographer: Troy Dettwiler (Neil shooting Troy)

Stylists: Neil Moser and Nicole Wagler

Models: Julia Clements, Jen Jacobs and Troy Dettwiler

Hair: Carmine Romano

Makeup: Sarah Bolstridge

Wardrobe: Rachel from Auburn Vintage Clothiers and Karen from Eastwood Collegiate Institute

Location: Together We’re Bitter

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