Paris Trade Show

By: Neil Moser

Neil Moser Troy Dettwiler Nicole Wagler Paris France
Neil Moser, Troy Dettwiler and Nicole Wagler in Paris, France


We like to attend various international trade shows, like Silmo, to keep our independent eyewear brands fresh, thus keeping you fresh in return. Like Outkast says, “Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m dressed so fresh so clean (so fresh and so clean)” [Outkast, So Fresh, So Clean].

This time around, Troy, Nicole and myself skipped off to Silmo, a large eyewear convention in Paris, France that has been hosting since 1967. We discovered one new collection that we jumped on and some amazing new releases from a few of our current favourites.

Teasing You…

Here are a few of our favourite things from the Silmo Paris eyewear trade show. These models will be arriving any day now so touch base with us if anything strikes your fancy! ‘Cause “oh you think you fancy, huh?” [Drake]

Eyewear Brands Update

ROLF 3D Printed Titanium

ROLF’s handmade, lightweight wooden frames are a great option for those who appreciate a natural aesthetic. This year, ROLF added a 3D Printed Titanium collection to their family. Designed with ROLF’s innovative FLEXLOCK hinge, these titanium frames are minimalist in appearance with options for a polished or natural finish.

Bruno Chaussignand

This year at Silmo was one of Bruno Chaussignand’s strongest releases yet. We ordered a variety of very refined metals and unconventional plastics. If you have an appreciation for intelligent and artistic design, you definitely need to try these new models on your face and then say, “Damn, I look good.”

Blake Kuwahara

Blake Kuwahara frames are like marshmallows for Nicole, local seasonal fruit for Troy and the perfect cookie for myself. Whatever salivation metaphor you prefer, these frames make your jaw drop and require a quick dab at the corners of your mouth. The new models from Blake are infused with beautiful textures and soft or striking colour palettes to accommodate all preferences.


Vinylize designer, Zackary Tipton, loves making large impressive frames. For Silmo this year, he has included a few more petite designs – all you small-headed folk out there can rejoice! And for those of you who love colour, the expanded Vinylize DYE collection now comes with additional models available in a stunning blue or red.


In addition to showcasing TAVAT’s soupcan collection, we have now added their Ex-cam and Tactile collections to the Insight family. The Ex-cam signature hinges open with a fluid burst of energy and the Tactile signature hinges open in a combustive release – similar to that of a piston. Colours on point, these new beauties will be sure to catch your eye.

Jean Philippe Joly

Since purchasing Jean Philippe’s first three models when he showed us his prototypes in 2014, this collection has grown exponentially. Not only just a sunglass collection, we will now have Jean Philippe’s full optical collection representing the art and passion of this fabulous designer. These bold frames are sculpted beautifully with comfort and quality craftsmanship top of mind.

RES/REI (Brand New!)

We have been watching the evolution of RES/REI over the past couple of years at Silmo and we decided that this was the year to bring it in. RES/REI has a variety of Italian designed and crafted mini-collections focusing on different design elements. What they all have in common are wearable shapes with striking acetate patterns – some of them exclusive to RES/REI alone.

Shopping at Insight Eye Care

At Insight Eye Care, we handpick our glasses at tradeshows like Silmo. If you would like to be assisted by one of our talented eyewear consultants, just drop by! If you have specific questions about eyewear brands, please contact our buyer, Neil Moser, directly.

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