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Oyonnax Factory glasses Bruno Chausignand
Oyonnax Factory: Bruno Chausignand glasses in production


Bruno Chaussignand invited us to take a tour of his acetate factory in Oyonnax, France, a little region in the mountains outside of Lyon that is actually called Petit Canada. Interesting fact: the very first Barbie Doll was actually made here. Life is plastic, it’s fantastic! [Aqua, Barbie Girl] From the arts and crafts containers full of various colours of acetate and textured accessories to the tumbling barrels that polish the frames once they are cut, we saw it all!

The amount of time, energy and hands-on intricacies we were witness to was impressive. This tour made it very clear that not all frames are the same. Many different eyewear brands can use a similar recipe for production, but it is the quality of ingredients that will distinguish the difference between a passable meal and dish that will blow your mind. Bruno Chaussignand is a true artist and also a perfectionist. He is involved in every single production step, making sure that the seed of inspiration in his mind grows into a beautiful, well-crafted product.

Picking Bruno’s Brain

Neil Moser and eyewear designer Bruno Chassignand
Neil Moser and eyewear designer Bruno Chassignand


One might wonder what goes on in the mind of a designer. Perhaps there are small brain gnomes processing experiences and scheming how to best share them with the world in a tangible way. Bruno’s brain gnomes thrive on the energy absorbed from the natural world. He sees his brand, not as one that is living lavishly in the metropolitan limelight, but one that is small town, one that focuses on family, friends and community. Bruno’s frames are pieces of himself going out into the world and he wants them to be the best version of himself. Art and quality are more important to him than mass production and fame.

Lunch at Auberge du Lac Genin

Lunch at Auberge du Lac Genin Bruno Chassignand
Lunch at Auberge du Lac Genin with Bruno Chassignand


After our factory tour, Bruno took us to Auberge du Lac Genin for lunch. This cozy authentic French restaurant is where Bruno comes to clear his mind and make room for new inspiration. When he jumps into the lake every February, I’m sure his mind is literally reborn from the shock of 2 degrees celsius! Bruno considers himself lucky to be surrounded by such motivated people. He even has a family of three generations on his team: son, father and grandfather. We considered ourselves lucky to be welcomed into their space. Thank you for such an amazing experience Bruno!


Anyone for a dip?


Purchase Bruno Chassignand Eyewear

Insight Eye Care offers a wide selection of Bruno Chassignand eyewear. We have seen it being made and can attest to the limited production and quality control. Unlike other big glasses brands, the designer is involved in every step of the process. We are so lucky to have a designer like Bruno Chassignand creating such an amazing product for the global market. Hopefully, you’ll come in and see for yourself.

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