Shantz Family Farm

What does one do on a crisp afternoon in October? Pickin’ punkins, obviously. We took a short drive out to Shantz Family Farms and, despite the weather turning from crisp to bone-chilling, it was crowded! Amid the leftover pumpkins strewn everywhere, we found a few autumnal backdrops to snap some pictures of our friends wearing some new frames. This place is beautiful and there is a corn maze and farm animals – including baby goats!


We grabbed our team of Troy Dettwiler on the flash, Carmine Romano on the brush and Sarah Bolstridge on the blush. Nicole Wagler and myself whipped it up with the help of the illustrious Camille Marie (a professional photographer on the other side of the lens this time) and the striking Susan Campbell and dashing Cedric Sarassy.

Lorhill Farm

Once we wrapped it up at Shantz Family Farm (Troy’s fingers were frozen to his camera), we zipped over to Lorhill Farm to warm up and grab a few ornamental chickens. The models were not harmed by the chickens or pooped on by the chickens. Lorhill chickens are very well behaved. If you are interested in supporting local farmers, check out Lorhill’s greens, gardens and pasture-raised beef.


The reason why we do all of these photo shoots, aside from showcasing our favourite local businesses, is to reveal the new designs from some of our favourite independent eyewear collections. Making it onto the models’ faces this time, we have…

  1. BEVEL
  2. Blake Kuwahara
  3. TAVAT
  4. Bruno Chaussignand
  5. ROLF Spectacles
  6. Jean Philippe Joly
  7. SALT. Optics
  8. Matsuda
  9. Thierry Lasry
  10. MYKITA


Photographer: Troy Dettwiler

Stylists: Neil Moser and Nicole Wagler

Models: Camille Marie, Susan Campbell and Cedric Sarassy

Hair: Carmine Romano

Makeup: Sarah Bolstridge

Wardrobe: Models’ wardrobes

Location: Shantz Family Farm and Lorhill Farm

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