Review of Kadett

Rolf Spectacles is Handcrafted in Austria by a team of architects and engineers. Their factory, which we hope to visit one day, is at the base of the Tyrolean mountains. The Kadett is a lightweight sophisticated frame with beautiful craftsmanship. The wood type is Walnut Burl. Interesting fact: a burl is a deformity in the wood grain and Jaguar uses this same wood for the interior of their vehicles. Engraved geometric pattern gives a futuristic look to a natural material. Solid walnut hinge design – available to custom order with Flexlock hinge design for extra flexibility (soft, medium and firm). Made of 9 layers of wood tapering to 5 at the temple tips to allow for small adjustments. Hypoallergenic, UV protected, water resistant. Repairs are even available on site for unfortunate accidents!