Grand Porch Party


By: Neil Moser

Sales & Marketing Manager

We are proud to be sponsoring the Grand Porch Party yet again! The festivities take place on June 9th from 1-5 PM. This year, the GPP team has a few questions for me…

What is your favourite thing about the porch party?

The sense of community connectedness. I very much enjoy walking around listening to great music and chatting with friends and neighbours that I don’t get to see that often.

Best sun protection to wear to a porch party?

When you attend the Grand Porch Party, you are supporting independent musicians so I would recommend wearing sunglasses made by an independent eyewear designer. When it makes sense for your lifestyle, it’s the little guys we need to support, not multinational corporations. One of our favourite smaller independent brands is Vinylize. Handmade in Budapest, these frames are made from the pressing of vinyl records – perfect for all you music lovers out there!

Do you prefer a blanket on the grass or a chair to watch musicians at the porch party?

Blanket for sure. We sit traditionally too often. I like being closer to the earth – even if it means sitting on a curb!

Your favourite concert you have ever been to?

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Ooooh, this one is tough. I will name a few for a variety of reasons. The Kills for their brilliant indie rock vibe and lead singer Alison Mosshart’s stage energy. Janelle Monae for her powerful messages and slick lyrics. Beyoncé for everything – bow down.

Favourite local spot to grab a meal?

Aroma Café, Waterloo’s only coffee roaster and KW’s first. A lot of their food is Korean-inspired and they have many healthy options that are absolutely delicious. All of the staff are super friendly to boot.

What is your current favourite band?

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I have so many, but I’ll go with Weezer at this moment. Weezer dropped their first iconic album, the Blue Album, in 1994 and they are still producing fantastically relevant music. I love Zombie Bastards and Can’t Knock the Hustle off of the Black Album, just released this year.

What is the best snack to eat on a porch?

Is craft beer a snack!? I’ll take something delicious that Together We’re Bitter has brewed up please!

Favourite song of the moment to blast at work?

Tic Boom by Leikeli47. This woman is fire. And I recently had the chance to see her live in a small venue and she blew me away. She is fresh and creative and has such a positive energy to share – which we can all use a little more of! She also hugged me – woohoo!

Who would you love to see perform at Grand Porch Party?

Hmm, how about Shad. Shadrach Kabango, better known by his stage name Shad or Shad K., is a Canadian alternative hip hop recording artist and broadcaster. He hosted Q on CBC Radio One from 2015 to 2016, and hosts the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning series Hip-Hop Evolution. Shad’s music is driven by politics and social issues.

Grand Porch Party Countdown

Hope you enjoyed GPP 2019!

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