Insight Quiz

Find your next pair of independently designed glasses. Take our quiz to discover cool eyewear brands that represent the real you. Because 10 questions will reveal your true self…

You are starving. What combination of restaurants would you choose for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

A. City Cafe, The Yeti, Princess Cafe
B. DVLB, Vincenzos, Loloan
C. Aroma Cafe, Fork and Cork, Kinkaku Izakaya
D. Timeless Cafe, The Belmont, Grand Trunk Saloon

What personality best describes you?

A. Hipster (although you would never admit it out loud)
B. Spartan
C. Deviant
D. Visionary

Whether working or playing, we need to enjoy our time on this planet. How do you live your best life?

A. Taking cues from the iconic eras of film, architecture, music and art
B. Embracing the tradition of discreet, classic elegance and carefully considered simplicity
C. Not by living lavishly in the metropolitan limelight, but by enjoying the subtle beauty of a small town, focusing on family, friends and community
D. As a paradox, embracing a thoroughly modern world while appreciating the sentiments of the old world

Sadly, your time is up. How do you die?

A. You wipe out surfing and a shark pulls you under
B. You are run down by an organized troop of cyclists
C. After a polar bear dip, you turn into an ice cube and are later discovered in the spring thaw
D. The ancient statue of Michelangelo’s David falls and crushes you

Maybe you're feeling dapper or maybe you're having a bad hair day. What type of hat do you wear?

A. Baseball cap
B. Toque
C. Beret
D. Fedora

There are many fish in the sea. What kind of fish are you?

A. Goldfish
B. Jellyfish
C. Starfish
D. Pufferfish

You want to Airbnb somewhere special with your BFF. Where would you go?

A. A quaint Joshua Tree homesteader cabin
B. A pristine loft in Copenhagen’s creative quarter
C. A small house in Sète surrounded by nature and overlooking the Mediterranean
D. A traditional Ryokan style loft in Tokyo

It’s time to set the mood. What song do you play?

A. Sunlit Juice, Henry Jamison
B. It’s Alive, A Fine Frenzy
C. Prémonition, Coeur De Pirate
D. Pynk, Janelle Monáe

You are so last minute; you need to grab a gift for your boo. What do you get, where do you go?

A. You hunt down the perfect vinyl record from Orange Monkey
B. You grab a new bell for your friend’s bicycle from King Street Cycles because cycling down King Street is dangerous AF
C. You pick up something for your friend to read from Words Worth Books
D. You carefully select a handcrafted mug from The Clay and Glass Gallery

This is your favourite beverage. Cheers!

A. Wobbly Wheel American IPA from TWB
B. Small Lot Gewurztraminer (2016) from Thirty Bench
C. Sassafrassquatch from Grand Trunk Saloon
D. Walter’s All Natural Craft Caesar from White Rabbit

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SALT Optics

We recommend you try on a SALT! Designed in California and inspired by sea, air, land and a timeless aesthetic, these frames are beautiful and simply cool.



We recommend you try on a Lindberg! Steeped in the Danish design tradition of discreet, classic elegance, these titanium frames are for the minimalist at heart.


Bruno Chaussignand

We recommend you try on a Bruno! These French frames showcase the beauty of fascinating lines and are inspired by people, places and beautiful objects.


Blake Kuwahara

We recommend you try on a Blake! Crafted in Japan, these luminescent frames combine an inner silhouette encased in a polished outer shape.