Grand Trunk Saloon Photo Shoot

It was a quiet afternoon in Downtown Kitchener. The sky was swollen with ominous thunderclouds and perhaps a tumbleweed or two blew across the asphalt. Feeling reckless, we sauntered into Grand Trunk Saloon and shot up the place. With a camera. And lots of love.

Feeling the Western vibe, we partnered up with White Tiger Vintage and Rising Moon Gallery to showcase some of our favourite independently designed and crafted frames.

Miranda, from White Tiger Vintage, spends a copious amount of time curating her vast collection of beautiful garments. Andrea, from Rising Moon Gallery, handmakes all of her jewelry and each unique piece has an interesting story. Here’s a close-up look of the necklaces used in the shoot.

A big thank you to everyone involved!

Photographer: Troy Dettwiler
Stylists: Neil Moser and Nicole Wagler
Location: Grand Trunk Saloon
Wardrobe: White Tiger Vintage
Jewelry: Rising Moon Gallery
Hair: Carmine Romano with Control Hair Salon
Makeup: Sarah Bolstridge with Gilded Makeup
Models: Chris Tiessen, Dan Reiss, Erin Gulas and Jen Jacobs