Dr. Graham Berg speaks with the Health Careers ‘Cast, a podcast by The University of Waterloo’s Co-operative and Experiential Education department. Dr. Berg is originally from a small town in Saskatchewan and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Saskatchewan. After, he studied to become an Optometrist at the University of Waterloo and completed an MBA.

Show Notes:
3:00 – Dr. Berg talks about his decision to go into Optometry
8:00 – Career paths are rarely linear
9:00 – Dr. Berg talks about his many roles surrounding patient care
10:30 – The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on Optometry
13:15 – Dr. Berg’s special interests are pediatrics and ocular disease
15:45 – Why Dr. Berg completed his MBA
18:30 – Dr. Berg’s role in research and working with Ophthalmologists
20:00 – Dr. Berg talks about what he finds the most exciting part of work: helping people progress to a better place
21:45 – Dr. Berg talks about his biggest challenge: staying neutral with people when they are upset
23:45 – What Dr. Berg would have done differently: an area of study with more career flexibility
28:30 – University experiences that were valuable to Dr. Berg
32:15 – Dr. Berg talks about motivation
34:00 – How Dr. Berg takes care of his health: healthy eating, exercise, and close friends
35:45 – Book recommendation: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

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