Over the past year, some new faces have joined the team at Insight; these days, we are all hiding and protecting ourselves behind masks and you don’t know who the heck these randoms are! Allow us to safely introduce you to a few of our new staff members – and some of our used ones too in case you have forgotten what they look like. Naturally, everyone is wearing a few of their favourite frames that we have in our shop right now. Here we are, unmasked!

Click or Hover over the image to remove the mask 🙂

We covered some of our best eyewear collections in the Unmasked photo shoot. Res/Rei, Bruno Chaussignand, Tavat, Rolf, Theo, Matsuda, Rapp, Mykita, Vinylize, Salt, Face a Face, lool, Lindberg, Hapter, and Blake Kuwahara.


Some of these frames are on our online shop, but some are in-store only. Please contact us if you see a frame you like!