Beer Goggles

By: Neil Moser and Troy Dettwiler

May 13, 2021

We’re trying to be positive and look forward to a future where we can all play together again. In the meantime, let’s embrace some blurry vision with craft beer from Princess Cafe’s Sidewalk Beer Shop and some beautiful new releases from our favourite independent eyewear designers.

The only time we support blurry vision is after a few of these delicious choices sourced by Marc, the owner of the Princess Cafe, and not available at the LCBO or Beer Store. Much like our frames are not mass produced, neither are these craft beers. It’s the perfect pairing.

Online Shop

Most of the eyewear featured in Beer Goggles can be found on our online shop! You’ll see that we featured some of our favourite brands like Blake Kuwahara, Salt. Optics, and Bruno Chaussignand.

All the photos were taken by Troy Dettwiler