By: Neil Moser

Will it be over? Will it be me? Will it be you? Will it be awesome? We decided to bring a few friends safely together outside at Will-It-Be Farm in St. Agatha to enjoy the freedom of wide open spaces. Erin and Kenny Norris, the owners of Will-It-Be, asked themselves will it be many times while they were still living in the city. They received their answer and are now living the farm-life dream, complete with goats, chicken, quail and soon horses and a fine ass.


Mykita Zane

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Sharon Brown

Sharon has a wanderlusting spirit and enjoys learning about culture and history. She has a love for travel, fashion, self-care and expresses herself through poetry and prose. Currently, Sharon is working on her manuscript Cracks in the Horizons.

Vinylize Pope II | Optometrist | Optical | Waterloo

Vinylize Pope II

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Julia Clements

Julia, a former employee of Insight, is finishing her psychology degree online and is looking to do a bit of travelling once the world opens up again. In her free time, she is creating beautiful music. Check her out on Spotify as Julia Yang.


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Neil Moser

I manage Insight’s boutique and all our marketing initiatives. When travelling is permitted, I enjoy attending international trade shows to find the best frames and collaborating with other creative people in the community.

Troy Dettwiler

Troy does a little bit of everything for Insight Eye Care including fashion and product photography, social media, design and web content management and he loves sending new clients into our boutique.

Erin & Kenny Norris

Owners of Will-It-Be Farm, Erin and Kenny found their happy place outside the city, surrounded by wide open spaces and adorable animals. They have fresh farm eggs available for purchase.

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