Warm & Cozy Photo Shoot Combines Glasses with Mennonite Quilts

Written By: Neil Moser

It’s that time of year when the cold is wet and sinks into your bones. We scooped up some cozy blankets and accessories from a couple local shops to encourage everyone to snuggle in and stay warm. Oh yeah, and glasses.

Studio Kampina in Elora

Jaq, owner of Studio Kampina, sells vintage and upcycled clothing. She provided us with a jacket, a poncho, a sweater, a chunky handmade blanket and some scarves. As a tailor, she loves taking items and repurposing them so they can be worn and loved and not discarded. Her new series features vintage sweaters with embroidered animal designs that originally came from a rug made in India.

St. Jacob’s Mennonite Quilts

Edith, owner of St. Jacob’s Mennonite Quilts, has a home decor shop in St. Jacob’s (obviously). She carries a large selection of Mennonite quilts and dreams up beautiful designs that are handcrafted by local Mennonite women.

Grandma’s Quilts

Ellen, my partner Troy’s grandmother, graciously provided us with some additional handcrafted quilts that were made by her family members. When I say graciously, I mean that Troy had to ask her to remove his favourite quilt off her guest bed so that we could use it in our photoshoot. She asked if she would be getting it back in one piece. No quilts or clothing were harmed while creating these beautiful images!

The Models

The Creation Team

Photographer: Troy Dettwiler

Stylist: Neil Moser

Makeup: Celine Isogai

Sonia’s hair: Carmine Romano

Aajha’s hair: Valerie Ellis, owner of Da’ Look

Mike’s hair: Genetics