Farm Fresh Frames:

From farm to face, these stylish frames are hot and fresh!

We often hear derogatory terms like “country bumpkin” or “hillbilly” associated with those who dwell in the country. Well, let’s break down this stereotype and introduce you to our fabulous models who live, have lived or spend a lot of time in the country. Don’t let someone’s backward thinking keep you from embracing what makes you happy. And just because you live in the backwoods, doesn’t mean you can’t be forward-thinking!

Rachel from Auburn Vintage Clothiers selected some striking outfits to be partnered with our eyewear. Erin and Kenny from Will-It-Be Farm opened up their space to us so we could snap some photos. As beautiful as our frames may be, they need the right faces to highlight all of their positive attributes. Calling all faces! We have some exciting new frames to have you looking and feeling your best.


Matty: model and Insight Eyewear Consultant
Erin: model and owner of Will-It-Be Farm
Becca: model and sister to Kenny, owner of Will-It-Be Farm
Kat: hairstylist
Celine: makeup artist and Insight Eyewear Consultant
Rachel: Proprietress of Auburn Vintage Clothiers
Troy: photographer and Insight Marketing Assistant
Neil: stylist, buyer and Insight Marketing Manager