Myopace: Slowing the Progression of Myopia

full-scope myopia management clinic

We are very excited to introduce you to “MYOPACE”, our full-scope myopia management clinic at Insight Eye Care. Our friendly and engaging optometrists specifically treat myopia in children and young adults. We offer a comfortable and inclusive environment where even our youngest patients can feel safe.

Myopia develops when the eyes grow too quickly

People with myopia (nearsightedness) can see well at near, but have poor distance vision. In 2020 about a third of the global population was myopic – and this is expected to rise to half of the population by 2050. Myopia is an issue that can have a significant impact on vision and increase the chance of developing serious eye diseases later in life.

Children’s eyes are meant to grow at a normal rate during childhood. Myopia develops when the eyes grow too quickly. Initially myopia may not seem to have a major impact on your child’s life. Perhaps they have glasses or contacts that easily correct the prescription. Unfortunately, traditional glasses and contacts do not help to slow down the progression of myopia. Myopia continues to progress as the eye rapidly grows during childhood development.

The goal is to reduce the progression

The average length of the eye is 22-24mm. When the eye grows longer than 26mm, there is a 25% risk of vision impairment. At 30mm length, the risk of vision impairment is 90%. The goal of myopia management is to reduce the progression of myopia by slowing the accelerated growth of the eye.

Custom Treatment Plan

If you are interested in learning about myopia management options for your child, we would be happy to meet with you to develop a custom treatment plan specifically for your child’s needs. Our doctors use specialized equipment and techniques to evaluate the prescription, size and shape of the eye. A detailed history and risk factors are also considered when determining the most effective treatment plan. Regular follow-up visits also help to ensure the plan is successful.   

We offer a variety of treatment options including:

  • Specialized spectacle lenses designed to slow down myopia
  • Daily disposable contact lenses with myopia control design
  • Eye drops (low dose-atropine) that are used daily 
  • Orthokeratology rigid contact lenses that are worn at night

We are proud to support our community in Waterloo Region by offering comprehensive myopia management services including spectacle lenses, contact lenses, atropine therapy, and orthokeratology to combat myopic progression.

We welcome you to click here to book a myopia management eye examination with one of our skilled optometrists.


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