Send Them Off Smiling

Source By: Dr. Tiffany Sieunarine As summer days fly by, retailers continue to stock their shelves with back-to-school in mind. Everything from lunch bags, to stationary, to clothes and, of course, the latest and greatest electronics are being advertised in stores and online. Preparing for another school year can be an exciting and chaotic time […]

Dr. Tiffany Sieunarine Goes to Guatemala

Dr. Tiffany Sieunarine Goes to Guatemala

Author: Dr. Tiffany Sieunarine, B.S.c., O.D. Eyewear Donations Did you donate your old glasses and sunglasses to our office? Well, they may have made their way to Guatemala with me on my recent mission trip. I participated with Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) Ontario, a smaller chapter of the larger VOSH group. We travelled […]

Ask The Doctor: Computer Vision Syndrome

Author: Dr. Diana Balcarras Berg, B.S.c., O.D. Source: Public Domain Picture We live in a digital world and one of the most common concerns from patients is regarding visual issues caused by computers and electronics. Computers are integrated in our work and home-life, but overuse can lead to eye fatigue/strain, headaches, dry/red eyes, headaches, eye […]

Ask the Doctor: The Fine Print of Presbyopia

Source: Dr. Chau-Minh Phan

Author: Dr. Carolyn MacNeil “I think the print on medicine bottles is getting smaller.” Does this sentence sound familiar to you? It is a common concern heard in an optometric exam lane. The gradual loss of the ability to accommodate is a normal age-related change that hinders the ease and convenience of reading for the […]

Back To School Checklist | Eye Exams

Author: Dr. Tiffany Sieunarine It’s That Time Again… Back to School! Source: lehman_11 [pullquote align=”center”] Check, check, check! Backpack Pencil Eye Exam [/pullquote] As summer quickly comes to an end, last minute plans are made to fit in as much as possible before the routines of September begin. Parents are often bombarded with a checklist of things […]

Ask the Doctor: Healthy Eyes

Author: Dr. Tiffany Sieunarine I am often asked by patients what can be done to help maintain healthy eyes. There is so much information in literature and online it can often be overwhelming and confusing. I will go through some basics to help you make well-informed choices. Source: Nutrient rich foods Lutein and zeaxanthin are […]

Ask the Doctor: Concussions

Author: Dr. Graham Berg Concussions can be pretty scary. They can affect everything from speech and memory (both short and long-term) right down to movements and social behaviors. The mayo clinic defines a concussion as “a traumatic brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. Effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and […]

Children’s Eye Exams

Baby eye exam | Eye Exams for Kids | Waterloo

Author: Dr. Diana Balcarras Berg, B.S.c., O.D. As an optometrist and a mom, my patients and friends often ask me questions about eye examinations for children. This blog post will go over some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding eye care for children. When should my child have their first eye exam? The Canadian […]