What’s up doc? [Optometrist Photo Shoot]

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We wanted to call this post “Hot Docs,” but that was already taken. Then we thought of calling it “Some of you may recognize these people (we didn’t photoshop them too much!)” but that was too long. We chose to … Read More

Frame Showcase Spring 2016

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This spring, colourful frames of all different shapes and sizes are popping up at Insight. So pop it like it’s hot and come check out these awesome designers at our Frame Showcase. THEO Eccentric, striking and beautifully unusual DITA, HARRY … Read More

I Wanna Look Pretty Though, In Your Video [Santigold wearing Mykita]

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In my distant past, I worked for a corporate enterprise. This corporate enterprise liked to make us do silly things that they thought would make us all ra, ra for the culture that they were pressing upon us. The funniest … Read More

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