Alessandro: Dinner with Bruno Chaussignand

Bruno Chassignand Dinner Le Derrière

Whenever we have the opportunity to spend time with the Bruno Team, consisting of Bruno, Marina, Hélène, Amélie and Rémy, something unusual always happens. We arrived early to our reservation at Le Derrière and slipped in the back door. Don’t worry, it only gets better from here. “Le nom?” The hostess asked. “Bruno Chaussignand” I […]

Bruno Chaussignand | Eyewear Brand Review

Neil Moser reviews the eyewear brand Bruno Chaussignand at Insight Eye Care. Neil first met the designer, Bruno, at the French Lofts in New York City. The Bruno Chaussignand collection is unique because of the use of shapes and line work. You can check out the full collection online at Bruno Chaussignand. [kad_youtube url=”″]

Mykita Haus Tour

Why Berlin? We may be located in Waterloo, but our neighbouring city of Kitchener, formerly known as Berlin, is home to many of our clients. German heritage is strong in the Region of Waterloo and many of our clients appreciate and respect the quality of German engineering. We decided to travel to Berlin so that […]

Embracing My 4 Eyes | Pacific Mall

Monica's old glasses

By: Monica Lee, Eyewear Consultant Hate Glasses? I did not enjoy wearing glasses. Growing up and even going through university, I only wore my glasses when I was completing an assignment or needed to look at the lecture slides. Rarely, despite my high prescription, did I willingly put on my Pacific Mall glasses and walk […]

Craftoberfest 2017

If you don’t like to Ziggy Zaggy and you don’t like to drink mainstream beer, then you should definitely join us at this year’s KW Craftoberfest on October 6th and 7th! We love all things independent, including craft beer. Our friends at Together We’re Bitter Co-operative Brewing (TWB) have organized this event, bringing in other […]

Eye Contact | Best Contact Lenses in Waterloo

There are times in life where you find yourself in a situation that makes wearing glasses inconvenient. Perhaps jumping at Sky Zone, Freestyle Skiing at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games or pretending to be Nicki Minaj when she’s wearing her Daisuke Mylon Shield that cannot hold a prescription. Source: For all of these situations, […]

Smile with Vinylize

A couple months ago Matt from Astrodog Media reached out and asked if I could fit an actor with glasses. It was for a promotional video they were filming for Since everyone has a different face shape, aesthetic and personality, I brought a large selection of frames on set. Vero Diaz, artist and founder […]

Eyewear review of Anne et Valentin | Model: Mario | Colour: Blue and Red

[kad_youtube url=””] Neil Moser is the Buyer at Insight Eye Care and reviews Silas Strachan’s Anne et Valentin “Mario” in Blue and Red. Silas wanted a “circle” when he was looking for his first pair of glasses. Neil likes that this circular frame has a blunted top so it is wearable for a variety of […]

Eyewear review of Jean Philippe Joly | Model: “Femme” | Colour: Charcoal and Cream

Jean Philippe Joly Neil Moser Sue Moser

[kad_youtube url=””] Neil Moser is the Buyer at Insight Eye Care and reviews Sue Moser’s Jean Philippe Joly’s “Femme” in Charcoal and Cream. Sue really likes fashion and wanted something different and unique that would fit her. This frame has a polished edge with wing-like sides. Neil mentions this frame is a well-balanced fit for […]