$30 Gift Card with Contacts Purchase

For those times you aren’t wearing stylish eyewear… Receive a $30 Insight Eye Care Gift Card with the purchase of a year supply of select contact lenses. We can even hook you up with some additional manufacturer rebates. Ends on July 31, 2018.

Contact Lens Promotion | 2017

For all you contact lens wearers out there, Alcon is providing some pretty awesome mail-in rebates on one-year-supply purchases from now until the end of the 2017. This is the contact lens promotion you have been waiting for! As there are so many different options based on prescription and design, allow us to break it […]

Air Optix HydraGlyde

Air Optix Aqua has re-branded with a new name: Air Optix HydraGlyde. This product comes with a variety of weapons to help you fight the monsters. Weapon 1: Smartshield Technology Our tear film is made up of many layers, one being the lipid layer. Some eyes deposit an opaque material (lipid, cholesterol or calcium), leaving […]

Contact Lenses Do’s & Don’ts

Don’t… Don’t put them in with mittens Don’t trade contacts with your friends Don’t clean them with hot sauce But for serious: Do wash your hands before insertion/removal Do clean your contacts everyday Do clean your contacts with new solution everyday Do put your contacts in their case while not using them Do replace your […]

Your first contact lens fit

So you’re thinking, I know Insight has some pretty cool frames, but sometimes I just don’t want to wear glasses. In some situations it is more comfortable to experience a face unrestricted by eyewear. Examples: Ultimate frisbee Synchronized swimming Heli skiing Miss Universe Pageant Matrimony Whether you need single vision, have astigmatism or need multi-focal […]