Essilor Perfect Pair

What is the Perfect Pair?

logoOne pair of glasses is not enough to help you see all of life’s moments perfectly. This is why Essilor created the Perfect Pair.

Having the right lenses will help you enjoy all the activities in your life. Allow PERFECT PAIR to reward you with the vision you deserve.

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Is Perfect Pair perfect for you?


If your answer was ‘YES’ to any of the questions above, then having the right pair of lenses is vital to seeing all of life’s moments, perfectly.

Brands in the Perfect Pair

Varilux Progressive Lenses


On average it takes you 25 minutes to choose a frame. But how long for your lenses? Taking the time to carefully choose your lenses is just as important, as 80% of the information that you receive every day comes through your eyes. By choosing Varilux progressive lenses, you will enjoy:
– Clear and sharp vision at all distances
– Comfortable and natural vision
– Quick and carefree adaptation
– The most efficient technologies in every design category

Transitions Adaptive Lenses


UV rays, glare and eye fatigue are challenges our eyes face daily. Wearing Transitions® lenses, which adapt to changing light, can help you protect your eyes from all three challenges.
– For extra protection outdoors and even in the car: Transitions® XTRActive® lenses.
– For lenses that are fully clear indoors and adapt to the light outdoors: Transitions® Signature lenses – For lenses with variable polarization depending on brightness: Transitions®Vantage™ lenses. Now all available in a variety of colours: grey, brown and graphite green, according to products. See life in the best light with Transitions® adaptive lenses.

Xperio Polarized Sun Lenses


Eliminate blinding glare for greater visual comfort and security
– Crisper and truer colour perception for unmatched clarity of vision
– Available in a wide range of solid and gradient colours
Available in your prescription and in high wrap sport frames or large fashion frames. Only Crizal® Sun UV™ with E-SPF™ 50+ provides you with the most complete protection under the sun.

What people are saying about Perfect Pair

Our customers love the Perfect Pair because it allows them to try out Prescription Sunglasses or Transitions where they may not have tried them before. Check out these great testimonials of people who have purchased Perfect Pair on the official website.

How to get Perfect Pair

Insight Eye Care is proud to offer Perfect Pair to Waterloo Region. We can answer any questions you might have in-store or you can also send your questions to

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