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Vision Screening vs. Comprehensive Eye Exam

Some children will have vision screening done at their school or with their family doctor. These tests are helpful at identifying children who are struggling to see an eye chart. However, this is not a comprehensive exam and some major components like determining if glasses are needed, testing eye alignment, ocular health, colour vision, etc can only be examined at a full eye exam. If your child has passed vision screening, it is important to understand that 20/20 vision does not always mean healthy eyes. For more information click here.

Family Friendly Optometrists

Our friendly optometrists make every effort to ensure your child feels safe and welcome during their eye examination. They make the eye exam fun for kids and make the process efficient for your family. With our large office, we can see the entire family in one visit!

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Fashionable Glasses for Kids

We carry a variety of kid’s glasses to suit every age and fit. We offer a special “kid’s package” for frames and lenses with reduced pricing and a robust warranty for children 15 and under. Our fun and fashionable options will encourage your child to love their glasses. We know kids can be hard on their glasses, so we have a large selection of durable options too.

Accessible Eye Exams

Accessibility should not be a barrier for an eye exam. Our team of doctors and staff is well versed in working with children and adults of varying physical and mental abilities. We want every patient to have a positive experience at our office. Our state-of-the-art facility has push buttons, a gradual ramp, and extra-wide doors. Our team is available to help everyone of every ability.

Eye ExamS for Kids in Waterloo Region

Our optometry office is in the heart of Uptown Waterloo. This makes it a short walk from the Barrel Yards, Seagram Lofts, and Circa1877. It’s footsteps away from Princess Cafe and Seven Shores Cafe, so you can even grab lunch after your appointment! We also offer free parking for those coming from Cambridge, Kitchener, and out of town.

Our Reviews


Again and again, our reviews highlight the fantastic experience that children and families have during their eye exams. One reviewer said that their child was having so much fun that they didn’t want to leave! We help kids feel comfortable and ease any anxiety during their visit. We can even book your entire family at once to save you time.

Request an eye exam for your Family

We’ve made it easier than ever to book your eye exam! Please click below to visit our contact page to book your eye exam today. You can use the form, send us an e-mail, or call one of our friendly reception staff. Remember to let us know if you would like to bring in the entire family at the same time.