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Family Friendly Optometrists

Our Optometrists are experts at eye exams for kids because many of them are also parents. You can click on one of our Optometrists to learn more. They make the eye exam fun for kids and make the process efficient for your family. With our large office, we can see the entire family in one visit!

Dr. Graham Berg

Dr. Graham Berg

Owner and Optometrist

Tim Sloss

Dr. Tim Sloss

Owner and Optometrist

Dr. Emily Walsh

Dr. Emily Walsh


Eye Exam for Kids in Waterloo Region

Our optometry office is in the heart of Uptown Waterloo. This makes it a short walk from the Barrel Yards, Seagram Lofts, and Circa1877. It’s footsteps away from Princess Cafe and Aroma Cafe, so you can even grab lunch after you appointment! We also offer free parking for those coming from Cambridge, Kitchener, and out of town.

Fashionable Glasses for Kids

We carry a variety of kid’s glasses for every age and fit. Our kid’s package brings down the cost of frames and lenses for children 15 and under. To help kids learn to love glasses, we have fun and fashionable options. To help parents limit their experience with broken frames, we have durable options because it’s a hard knock life.

Book an eye exam for your kids

We offer online booking for your child’s eye exam. Remember to let us know if you would like to bring in the entire family at the same time. If you think your child might need glasses, let us know so we can book an appointment to find glasses.