Complete Eyewear Brand List

A list of eyewear brands we carry at Insight Eye Care from A to Z. The list starts with Adidas and ends with Vinylize. In total, we carry 35 eye glasses brands, giving you an incredible selection.

Price Match Guarantee

If you find a competitor is offering the identical frame and lens package for a lower price point, we will match the pricing and provide you with an additional $25 gift card toward your next purchase.


Our eyewear and lenses come with a warranty so you know your investment is safe from manufacturing defects. We also have a generous non-adapt policy on lenses if your new spectacles are not working for you.

Match List

Learn about your next independent eyewear love. In the ‘Match List’ we feature eyewear brands that our clients are excited about wearing. If you are looking for a bit of colour, a unique material (wood, vinyl, titanium, biodegradable, fabric or stainless steel) or even frames made right in Toronto, we have your Match! Here are some current highlights…

ROLF SpectaclesROLF Spectacles

Perfect match for someone who loves the environment. The frames are made from 100% wood! Unlike other wooden frames on the market, these frames are tested in a multitude of altitudes and weather conditions to ensure the best quality standards.

Vinylize Sunglasses

Vinylize Eyewear

Made for the music lover. Made from vintage vinyl records, these frames are lovingly handmade in Hungary. Vinylize is a brand that continues to reinvent itself with trend-setting shapes every year.

Hapter Eyewear

Hapter Eyewear

Released a new rubber collection, using a material not seen in mainstream or even independent eyewear. With rugged yet simple design, these frames will draw attention. We will also soon have one limited edition wool frame from Hapter!

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