Julia Clements

You love capturing a moment and sealing it with a click. You are focused on the subject as well as the negative space. Everything is art. Art is everything. Something like that.

Frame Recommendation

Theo Mille+55 in Blues Matte Metallic

Julia wears the Mille+55 from Theo. Having many different shapes of glasses, Julia wanted a classic rectangle, but she did not want to compromise on any fun that might be had. She also needs nosepads to support the frame comfortably on the bridge of her nose. Julia chose to have fun with colour and these two tones of blue play together artistically and are linked together by a puzzle-like pattern. The matte finish has a beautiful metallic sheen that twinkles like granite, like the ocean, like the stars in Julia’s eyes.

Lens Recommendation

Essilor Single Vision with Crizal Forte UV

Julia has a minimal distance prescription that she relies upon for catching those far-away details. She is using Essilor’s single vision lens. This lens is perfect for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism corrections; it has the same power over the whole of its surface. The metal frame front of this Theo frame wraps protectively around the edges of Julia’s lenses and her prescription does not require thinning down so she can use a regular 1.5 index material. Crizal Forte UV coating is resistant to scratch, glare, dust, static, smudge and is UV protected even though it is clear.

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