Neil Moser

You are free in a forest. You are whimsical by the water. You are marvelous on a mountain. Escaping the city is a priority; you need a regular dose of green to feed your soul.

Frame Recommendation

Mykita Mylon Altos in Pitch Black & Glossy Gold

Neil is wearing Mykita’s 3D printed Mylon sunglass frame Altos; it is resilient and lightweight – perfect for a long day outside traipsing up, down and all around. Some Mylon models even come with built-in shields for extra protection from the elements. Mykita recently revamped their temple design to offer a thinner more adjustable tip that can be custom curved around the ear. Neil’s Altos has an unassuming matte black textured finish, but sports a shiny gold accent of metal that flashes over the bridge and will make you look twice (it’s that nice).

Lens Recommendation

Xperio Physio Black 85% Tint Crizal Flash Sun

Neil has a moderate distance prescription that he needs to see all the / small things. He is using Essilor’s single vision lens with a Physio Black 85% tint with Crizal Flash Sun. This lens is perfect for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism corrections; it has the same power over the whole of its surface. Neil uses a 1.6 index to keep his lenses nice and thin because a larger lens surface can get thicker on the edges with a myopic prescription (minus or nearsighted). He prefers a Physio Black 85% tint instead of the popular grey polarized lens because the black is warmer and he doesn’t like the blue undertone of the grey lens. The Crizal Flash Sun coating offers a subtle reflective finish and makes Neil easy to spot if he wanders too far into the wilderness. 

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