Nicole McKenney

You hit the books hard and stay caffeinated so that you can study even longer to learn all of the things. You are focused. You don’t like distractions or superfluous activity. 

Frame Recommendation

BEVEL Todd in Dark Blue & Grey

Nicole M is wearing the Todd from BEVEL. This frame is unassuming in its classic design with a moderate keyhole bridge that hints at a bookish personality. This titanium frame is lightweight and comfortable so as not to distract one’s focus on the task at hand. BEVEL developed their own unique resilient flexible hinge design that will allow you to bounce back if you hit the books a little too hard.

BEVEL Todd in Dark Blue & Grey​
BEVEL Todd in Dark Blue & Grey​

Lens Recommendation

Essilor Eyezen with Blue Protection

Nicole M is using Essilor’s Eyezen lens which allows for an enhanced reading zone as she spends long periods of time focusing up close while studying. The top portion is still dedicated to distance so she can very easily glance at the clock across the room and see how much time she has left to study. Three out of four wearers report milder headaches. Eight out of ten wearers report a dip in posture-related pain and less visual fatigue. Nicole prefers Essilor’s Blue Protection coating as it offers a slight reduction in transmitted harmful blue light (perfect for when she is using a digital screen) and reveals a low level of residue hue (perfect for when she is walking around and wants her lenses to appear clear).

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