Maressa Dixon

You dislike following trends. You do you. You like pairing things together that others never would have thought could work. The gravitational pull of your influence is hectic.

Frame Recommendation

TAVAT Soupcan Pantos | M 2.0 in Black Chrome

Maressa is wearing the Soupcan Pantos | M 2.0 from TAVAT. The 2.0 is a thinner, lighter and more adjustable model in comparison to its predecessor, the M. The long temples as well as the protruding hinge allow for a round shape to fit comfortably on a wider face. TAVAT’s Soupcan collection is literally inspired from Campbell’s soup cans – the round shape and ridged edge are quite similar to the cans. The watch-crown hinge, designed by a Swiss company exclusively for TAVAT, gives the frame a subtle steampunk association yet is versatile with many wardrobes.

Lens Recommendation

TAVAT Melanin non-prescription in Grey Air Blue

Maressa is using TAVAT’s Melanin tint which has a subtle blue reflective mirror. The synthetic melanin used in all TAVAT lenses (tinted and polarized) acts in the same way as natural melanin, just like a shield against both UV rays and up to 97% of the harmful violet-blue light (HEV). This means higher protection and better performance at the same time. These lenses help to eliminate the haze so that Maressa’s critical eye for detail can stay sharp.

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