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At Insight Eye Care, we know our people are the most important part of your experience. 


Optometrists are the experts in eye health.

Dr. Tim Sloss


When Tim isn’t in the examination room checking your vision and the health of your eyes, he is most likely honing his vision for Insight Eye Care and spending time with his family.

Dr. Graham Berg


All the way from the wild (and very flat) west, Graham comes to us from Saskatchewan. He is an optometrist with a special interest in pediatric eye care, binocular vision assessment and treatment, and ocular disease management.

Dr. Carolyn Macneil


All the way from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Carolyn is an Insight Eye Care optometrist with a background in orthoptics.

Dr. Diana Balcarras Berg


Diana is a Doctor of Optometry graduate from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry.

Dr. Tiffany Sieunarine



Our most recent edition of 2015, Tiffany comes to us with specialized ocular disease training from the Eye Associates of Pinellas in Florida, USA.

Dr. Emily Walsh


Bio coming soon…

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Book and appointment with any one of our optometrists. They all offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.


Opticians are the experts in lens technology and troubleshooting problems you might experience with a new pair of glasses.

Mike Finney


We’re talking all the way back to 1984 – the year he graduated from Georgian College as an optician. Most of our staff wasn’t even born yet!

Michelle Tran


Michelle is a high-falutin optician who fits contact lenses for fancy actors in film and television and also graces us all with her presence at Insight.

Contact Lenses

Why should you never mix hot sauce with contact lenses? We have your contact lenses do’s and don’ts


Our eyewear consultants are experts in picking the right pair of glasses.

Neil Moser

Sales & Marketing Manager

You’ll see Neil on the sales floor, at local events and in the community. Securing the most exclusive eyewear lines and collaborating with other creative people is just a little bit of what he’s all about.

Kayla Gaudette

Eyewear Consultant

Kayla likes order and fashion; she wants everyone to have the perfect frame for their perfect face.

Gin Fraser


Virginia, or Gin for short, is our lab technician and sometimes eyewear consultant (if you’re lucky).

In the community

Learn about just one of the ways Insight Eye Care is involved in the Waterloo Region and across Canada.

Alyssa Oke

Eyewear consultant

Coming soon…

Celine Isogai

Eyewear consultant

Celine is an advocate for diversity and anti-racism. She loves art and dogs and good vibes only.

Emmanuel Perez

Eyewear consultant & Receptionist

Emmanuel loves knowledge and adventure; he is always up for a challenge and he is also a proud Kendama trickster.

Troy Dettwiler

Marketing Assistant

Troy does a little bit of everything for Insight Eye Care including fashion and product photography, social media, design and web content management and he loves sending new clients into our boutique. 

Feeling Fashionable?

Our optical boutique offers a wide range of sunglasses for your winter commute or holiday getaway.


Our support team really runs the show.

Fred Maier


Fred is Insight Eye Care’s office manager, but he loves to step away from the books and onto the sales floor to assist our clients in choosing their next amazing pair of glasses.

Karen Zafera

Receptionist & Diagnostic Technician

If you hear someone humming the tune to “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” don’t worry, that’s just Karen – she does love her late 90’s and early 2000’s jams!

Tina Kowalski

Receptionist & Diagnostic Technician

Swishes and grand slams, Tina loves watching and attending Raptors and Blue Jays games whenever she gets the opportunity.

Smita Meinzinger


Smita has bounced around and settled next to Rita in a full time role as receptionist, the princess to Rita’s queen.

Madelan Tsao

Receptionist & Diagnostic Technician

Madelan rarely sleeps as she prefers to be awake and doing all the things.

Rita Habermehl


Rita is a consistent force of happiness and efficiency and she is the Front Desk Queen, greeting all of our patients and making sure the office flow is smooth and well administrated.

Julia Clements

Receptionist & Diagnostic Technician

Julia is a sponge for learning.

Annabelle Duff


Annabelle joined our team in 2020 and saves lives on the side – not with a mask and cape, but as a lifeguard and swim instructor.

Beki Banman


Although she may appear young, Beki is a lover of history and her soul was born in 1891; she is secretly a supercentenarian alongside the late Julie Winnefred Bertrand.

Elena Hartung


Elena is a multi-hyphenate creative who’s always on the lookout for her next side project.

Grace Maier


If COVID never happened, Grace would have danced at Oktoberfest. Now she dances around the office keeping everything sanitized.

Kayla Bublitz


Coming soon…

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Ontario Association of Optometrists announce job action for September 1, 2021

Did you know that OHIP only covers 55% of our costs?

Did you know that OHIP pays 10x more per visit to the emergency department for an eye problem than to an Optometrist?