Fred Maier

Fred Maier

General Manager


Fred is Insight Eye Care’s office manager, but he loves to step away from the books and onto the sales floor to assist our clients in choosing their next amazing pair of glasses.

Fred is a graduate of Conestoga College with a Business and Marketing Diploma. He began working in the optical industry in 2010 and has management experience from Voila and Magnotta Winery. Fred’s favourite lines are MYKITA and Matsuda. He is an amateur sommelier, a barbeque enthusiast and he loves to listen to vinyl records and spend time with his family and friends. The best local independent businesses, according to Fred, are Oiseau Salon and Encore Records.

Ontario Association of Optometrists announce job action for September 1, 2021

Did you know that OHIP only covers 55% of our costs?

Did you know that OHIP pays 10x more per visit to the emergency department for an eye problem than to an Optometrist?