Kim Hoang

Kim Hoang



Kim is a stationary enthusiast and has made it her mission to discover and taste all of the KitKat flavours.

Joining the team in 2021, Kim comes to us with an Honours Psychology degree from Wilfrid Laurier University and minors in Biology and Sociology. Her favourite independent eyewear collections are MYKITA, FACE A FACE and VANNI. In her downtime, Kim loves to spend time with her white cat named Moe, travel, try out new restaurants and food trucks and invite friends over to enjoy delicious charcuterie boards. She is afraid of heights, but somehow still appreciates a good Ferris Wheel. Her favourite places to shop local are Nova Era Bakery, Red House, Gifted Waterloo, Q’s Cakes and Harmony.

Ontario Association of Optometrists announce job action for September 1, 2021

Did you know that OHIP only covers 55% of our costs?

Did you know that OHIP pays 10x more per visit to the emergency department for an eye problem than to an Optometrist?