Eye Exams

Advanced Technology

We use the latest medical technology in our eye exams. This means that your Optometrist will understand your eye health even better. The best technology means we can offer better visual correction and detect early signs of eye health conditions in order to treat them as promptly and efficiently as possible.

Visual Field Testing

We offer in-office visual field assessments. You might need this assessment to update your drivers license. This test is also detects visual impairments. Our comfortable environment allows you to relax while you take this test. Additionally, you’ll have one of our staff members to coach you through the process.

Eye Exams in Waterloo Region

Our optometry office is in the heart of Uptown Waterloo. This makes it a short walk from the Barrel Yards, Seagram Lofts, and Circa1877. It’s footsteps away from Princess Cafe and Aroma Cafe, so you can even grab lunch after you appointment! We also offer free parking for those coming from Cambridge, Kitchener, and out of town.

Accessible Eye Exams

Accessibility should not be a barrier for an eye exam. Our state-of-the-art facility has push buttons, a gradual ramp, and extra-wide doors. Our team is available to help everyone of every ability.

Tim Sloss

Dr. Tim Sloss

Owner and Optometrist

Dr. Graham Berg

Dr. Graham Berg

Owner and Optometrist

Locally Owned and Operated

Dr. Tim Sloss and Dr. Graham Berg run Insight Eye Care independently from a larger corporation. This means our Optometrists care deeply about your eye health now and into the future. Our team invests in the best quality eye exams in Waterloo Region.

A peak inside our office

Our space is well-lit and easy to navigate. The office is a modernized heritage building in UpTown Waterloo.

On-site Optical Boutique

We are a one-stop shop for your eye exams, prescription glasses, and sunglasses. No need to run around to different Opticals. The added benefit is we have Optometrists and Opticians working together. What that means for you is a team of people working together on your vision. We even offer an online shop if you want to take a look at our frames in advance of your eye exam!

Book your Eye Exam today

We’ve made it easier than ever to book your eye exam! Please visit our contact page to book your eye exam today. You can use the form, send us an e-mail, or call one of our friendly reception staff. So what are you waiting for?