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We have a huge variety of glasses in-store and online: well over 2,000! The best independent eyewear designers from around the globe constantly supply us with new releases. Many of our eyewear brands offer exclusivity so not everyone is wearing the same pair of glasses. Are you looking for quality handcrafted eyewear that will last? Or glasses that are a functional work of art? Our glasses are fashionable, technical and use unique materials. While other opticians and optometrists focus on mass produced glasses, we do not. Our most popular brands are SALT. Optics, Blake Kuwahara, and Bruno Chaussignand. A few of our niche collections include Vinylize, TAVAT, and ROLF Spectacles.

Eyewear Brands

We carry eyewear from around the world and have even visited quite a few of the designers’ factories. Our products are unique for a few reasons. We offer many different types of material including acrylic, laminated acetate, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, wood and 3D-printed caster bean seeds. Our eyewear wins international design awards like the Red Dot and Silmo D’or. Fashion without fit is useless so we make sure to offer frames that fit small faces, narrow eyes, wide heads, shallow bridges, strong prescriptions and sensitive noses. To sum it up, our glasses are constructed with unique materials, win awards and fit better.


Handcrafted in Japan, Designed in America

Since 1999, founders Richard Mewha and Rick Nelson have maintained a classic but minimalist aesthetic when designing and representing Bevel. With their headquarters in Kansas City, these two men and their team have not set out to create the coolest, hottest or most recognizable frames in the world; they prefer their frames to be highly functional and stylish yet understated.

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Blake Kuwahara EYEWEAR

Handcrafted in Japan, Designed in America

In 2014 Blake Kuwahara introduced his very exclusive collection to the world of eyewear. An optometrist and a true artist, Blake has reinvented the approach to design. Engineering a unique lamination process, these luminescent frames are the combination of an inner silhouette encased in a polished outer shape. Sleek, striking and unlike any other eyewear. To sum it up, Blake Kuwahara frames will continue to evolve with the constant flow of creative energy that buzzes around this innovative designer.

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Bruno Chaussignand EYEWEAR

Handcrafted in France, Designed in France

In 2004, French designer Bruno Chaussignand launched his first collection. He believes that a spectacle frame is the product of pure design. It should be practical, aesthetically attractive and tasteful; their shapes should have a beauty that will enrich the lives of their wearers. This is the leitmotif that underpins Bruno’s design philosophy. He combines clean lines, exquisite details, and materials that are both light and durable. To conclude, the essence of his collection is drawn from people, places and objects which have inspired him through their sincerity and their optimism.

France Map

Hapter Eyewear

Handcrafted in Italy, Designed in Italy

Hapter’s design studio and workshop, Hapterìa, is where ideas born in the mountains become reality. Eric Balzan, founded the company in 2013 in the secluded town of Belluno. His factory is a laboratory of contemporary art focusing on surgical stainless steel, artisanal fabrics and industrial rubber; Hapter frames were inspired by a pair of WWII military goggles and showcase lightweight, flexible eyewear with a sharp, fashionable edge – one might say, a precipice. So if you are a rock climber, then Hapter might be the eyewear for you.

Jean Philippe Joly Eyewear

Handcrafted in Italy, Designed in France

Designer Jean Philippe Joly is full of passion and buzzing with creative energy. He initially released his sunglass collection in 2014 and has since added a full optical collection. Jean Philippe frames are beautifully sculpted pieces of art that stand out from the crowd. To add, the crisp edges with gorgeous colour patterns and striking shapes make for a very unique pair of spectacles. For a daring and bold shape, these frames not only look stunning, but are also sculpted with comfort top of mind. To conclude, this collection is great leaving an impression.

Kirk and Kirk Eyewear

Handcrafted in France, Designed in England

In 2013, Jason and Karen Kirk launched an eyewear line they describe as “boldly expressive and proudly inclusive.” Their frames are made with acrylic – an extremely durable and lightweight material that shines like stained glass when polished. Hailing from an ancestral line of optical pioneers that dates back to 1919, the Kirk family continues the legacy of vibrant design, always keeping the eccentric and creative individual top of mind. Therefore, if you want glasses that shows off colour like no other, then you want a pair of Kirk and Kirk.

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l.a. Eyeworks

Handcrafted in Italy, Designed in America

Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, lifelong friends and the creative force behind l.a. Eyeworks, design eyewear to celebrate the diversity of faces and the uniqueness of individuals. Further, the glasses they make are sparks of their imagination. Since 1979, Barbara and Gai have been bringing the dreams of l.a. Eyeworks frames into being. To sum it up, this brand is all about being you inside and out.

Lindberg Eyewear

Handcrafted in Denmark, Designed in Denmark

Steeped in the design tradition of discreet, classic elegance, founder Poul-Jørn Lindberg aims to provide a variety of styles for the minimalist at heart. With exclusive materials like titanium, acetate, gold, platinum, diamonds and natural animal horn (ethically sourced), this vast collection is pure, sleek and elegant. Opening his doors in 1984, Lindberg has since created many award-winning designs and technological advancements in the industry.

Matsuda Eyewear

Handcrafted in Japan, Designed in America

Founded in 1967 by Mitsuhiro Matsuda in Tokyo, the Matsuda Brand quickly became one of the most celebrated Japanese fashion houses. The creations are famous for looking to the past for Inspiration, while staying current, and of the moment. In a word: Timeless. All of their eyewear is painstakingly crafted by hand in the artisanal eyewear workshops of Japan, and each Matsuda creation represents over 45 years of design history and heritage. To add, only the finest materials are used in each creation. These materials include celluloid acetate, titanium, sterling silver, 18K solid gold, and 22.5K gold plating.

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MYKITA Eyewear

Handcrafted in Germany, Designed in Germany

Constantly innovating, the Mykita Haus represents quality craftsmanship, patented screwless hinge designs and an edgy minimalistic aesthetic. Founded in 2003, Mykita has been winning international design awards and establishing themselves as a respected luxury eyewear brand with a distinctive look. In addition, their main collections showcase light and flexible models built with stainless steel. To conclude, Mykita is a go-to ultra-light frame.

RAPP Eyewear

Handcrafted in Canada, Designed in Canada

In 1983, Mel Rapp opened a tiny dispensary at the back of his mother’s hat shop. Over the years the optical evolved into a unique and avant-garde boutique and Mel began designing and manufacturing his own line of eyewear. Sold to only a select number of hand-picked optical stores worldwide, Rapp frames are beautifully hand-finished pieces, proudly showcasing quality Canadian craftsmanship. To conclude, if you want to support local businesses then consider RAPP.

RES/REI Eyewear

Handcrafted in Italy, Designed in Italy

RES/REI seeks to make beautiful frames that survive in time and age gracefully. They only produce with sustainable conscious manufacturers and, by keeping everything local, they are able to cut on goods’ transportation, therefore reducing their CO2 footprint. Since 2012, RES/REI has been expanding their collection and sharing their fashionable eyewear worldwide. To conclude, RES/REI cares about product quality and the environment.

ROLF Spectacles

Handcrafted in Austria, Designed in Austria

Inspired by life in the Tyrolean mountains, this family-run company stacked with engineers and designers introduced their first wooden frames in 2009. Their first release won them a prestigious award and now they are making eyewear using 20 different kinds of wood with no metal components. Rolf prides themselves on not being trendy, but trend-setting by using sustainable natural materials to produce technologically advanced frames. To conclude, these luxury wooden frames are the epitome of quality and craftsmanship.

SALT. Optics

Handcrafted in Japan, Designed in America

Inspired by coastal Californian landscapes and a fascination with nature, Salt frames are classically beautiful and simply cool. Handcrafted in Japan, their super smooth acetates and strong titanium pieces are as much renowned for their comfort as they are for their style. Exhibiting a humble and quiet confidence, these sought-after frames have been supporting independence and progressive style since 2007.

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TAVAT Eyewear

Handcrafted in Italy, Designed in Italy

TAVAT is a design-driven family company based in the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains. With the launch of their first collection in 2010, TAVAT has continued to specialize in providing technical products of excellent quality, with each frame produced in small batches by some of the best eyewear artisans in Northern Italy. Further, TAVAT frames are crafted by hand and incorporate modern materials, innovative production methods and ethical business practices.

Theo Eyewear

Handcrafted in Belgium, Designed in Belgium

In 1989, opticians Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet introduced their very own collection of frames. Today Theo is a respected brand and recognized worldwide for their artistic shapes and fearless use of vibrant colour. To add, this family run business is now led by Wim Somers as the exclusive designer. However, they often collaborate with other reputable designers to launch fun and eclectic mini-collections.

Vinylize Eyewear

Handcrafted in Hungary, Designed in Hungary

In 2004, inspired by his father’s record collection, Zachary Tipton officially introduced his first frame line made using communist vinyl salvaged from the Budapest flea markets. Expanding upon the traditional black vinyl inspired pieces, Zachary has also introduced his NVSBLE collection for those who enjoy a softer look and his DYE collection for those who want a pop of vibrant colour. To conclude, if you like vinyl records then check out Vinylize.

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