Waterloo Optometrists

Family Focused Optometry

Our Optometrists care about families. That’s because they have families too. Since 1982, Insight Eye Care has supported families in Waterloo Region. Our office has the capacity to see large families all at a similar time. Additionally, we office a large selection of glasses that work for a variety of budgets.

Meet our Optometrists

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Tim Sloss

Dr. Tim Sloss

Owner and Optometrist

Dr. Graham Berg

Dr. Graham Berg

Owner and Optometrist

Dr. Emily Walsh

Dr. Emily Walsh


Eye Exams in Waterloo Region

Our optometry office is in the heart of Uptown Waterloo. This makes it a short walk from the Barrel Yards, Seagram Lofts, and Circa1877. It’s footsteps away from Princess Cafe and Aroma Cafe, so you can even grab lunch after you appointment! We also offer free parking for those coming from Cambridge, Kitchener, and out of town.

Binocular Vision Therapy

Binocular Vision Therapy is the ability to comfortably use your eyes together. Sometimes people's eyes don't work well together or their eyes are dysfunctional. Symptoms include double vision, eye stain, headaches, blurred vision, and eye fatigue. Regular eye exams are a great way to detect binocular vision problems. Even better, this problem is treatable! Our Optometrists might suggest computer retaining (HTS iNetComputerized Binocular Home Vision Therapy Program). They might also suggest a lens correction (prism) or stereogram cards.
Tired Eyes?

Accessible Eye Exams

Accessibility should not be a barrier for an eye exam. Our state-of-the-art facility has push buttons, a gradual ramp, and extra-wide doors. Most importantly, our team is available to help everyone of every ability.

Eye Exams for Kids

Many of our Optometrists are also parents. They get it. Getting your children's eyes checked can feel like a stressful ordeal. But don't worry, we offer a kids area in the waiting room and make every effort to accommodate your busy schedule.

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